Stop Maafa

Lately, social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been filled with posts about the Lord’s Resistance Army Leader and Ugandan criminal Joseph Kony. Finally, after 15 years citizens have finally mustered the will to combat this terrorist and his organization that abducts children, forcing them to serve his extremist army and aid in the region’s destabilization. 

Yet, we should not simply just “Stop Kony” and end there. We must stop Maafa. 

What you are about to read is an event both horrific and terrifying, yet has been whitewashed from textbooks of history. It is ignored by many historians and is key to the suffering of Africa and its diaspora for the past 500 years.

Joseph Kony is a product of Maafa. "Maafa" is Swahili for "a great disaster" but  African Academics use it to refer to the largely untold "African Holocaust." The African Holocaust started and committed by the European nations has claimed more lives than any genocide in human history. Maafa refers to slavery, apartheid, segregation, exploitation, and attempted annihilation of the African diaspora.

Back to Kony, the LRA emerged in Northern Uganda because of the centuries of oppression caused by mostly the British rule and the later independent Ugandan Government. Centuries of exploitation by colonial Britain rendered the Alcholi people second class citizens. As a result of their oppression, the Alcholi people blamed their situation on the Ugandan government and from their frustrations emerged a force that spiraled out of control and is responsible for death, kidnapping, rape, and even cannibalism: the Lord’s Resistance Army. 

Because of the ongoing historical legacy of Maafa, the LRA and many extremist groups have emerged to cause strife and chaos amongst the African Diaspora The Rwanda Genocide, the sexual violence and conflict in Congo, and the plight of African Americans have all continued due to the centuries of oppression and exploitation of the Motherland and all her people. 

The point of this post is not to shift focus on stopping Kony. I want Kony captured or killed because of his crimes against humanity. But more Joseph Konys will emerge regardless of what happens to him simply because the same conditions that allowed for him to exist in the first place have not disappeared in the past 30 years. More strife and chaos will emerge because Africa is still suffering and oppressed by Maafa, regardless of the independence movement. Africa has not recovered and currently too many of her nations are suffering from systems of dictatorships, autocracy, unrestrained capitalism, and ethnic conflicts. If we don’t stop Maafa, we will only expect more ensuing violence, more rape, more child abduction, more segregation, more ethnic conflicts, more second class citizenship, more oppression, and more destruction.