Was flat out drunk for a few hours and now i’m sober again. It pays to be 6’6 230 :)


Hi! I wanted to ask, can you elaborate on your post about experiencing racial microaggressions at Occidental College? I really want to attend Occidental College, and I've heard that it's rather diverse (in comparison to other colleges, that is...) but can you share the magnitude of the racial microaggression that you've experienced? I'm admittedly afraid of college due to the fact that I am a very low middle class Hispanic who's always lived in a bubble protected from racism in Miami. Thank you!

As I do not feel like continuously sharing my experiences, all I can say is look to the http://codeoxy.wordpress.com/ to get a better understanding of what struggles us POC have faced and continue to face at Oxy. Thank you.







This is what I do with my evenings

oh. my. god.

You should have opened your heart and not your mouth.

that was some real dramatic shit

could this have been any more intense